Devrai Rock Dockra


The art form known as ‘Dhokra’ that uses lost wax technique for nonferrous metal casting traces its origin to the Mohenjodaro Dancing Girl around 2500 BC. Largely prevalent in Chattisgarh, West Bengal and Orissa as Tribal Art, it is admired for its primeval simplicity and folk designs.

In Devrai Art Village, we have added a new dimension to this ancient lineage by creating a fusion of stone and brass – a technique never tried before. We believe in the evolution of art and not its mere preservation in a museum like manner. After all, a culture draws its sustenance both from being rooted and growing organically.

Constant experimentation with mediums, forms and techniques adds vitality and creativity to our everyday work. We have also successfully blended Dhokra with pottery and begun with a new range of artefacts. Casting real leaves and branches in brass has enabled us to replicate the intricate texture and forms of nature so that no two artefacts are ever similar.

Our Molten Metal Mural series have an avant-garde look where compositions are created blending the abstract and the crafted pieces of iron and brass.

A visitor to Devrai Art Village can not only carry back home a unique piece of art but also get a glimpse of the process and interact with the craftsmen/artists at work.

Note: Located about 15 minutes away from Dhun Heta Bungalow. Devrai art village is the first left turn from the Sanjeevan Vidyalaya Pandit stadium.

Contact person: Mrs Mandakini Mathur
Mobile number: +91 9923339726
Email id:

Hand Quilting


Ms Tejinder Walia has invited women from the local villages around Panchgani to make exquisite quilted blankets, cushion covers, table cloths and all sorts of beautiful linen for the home. Expert teachers come from all over the world to add to this traditional knowledge of Godri making. Proceeds of the products on sale go to charitable causes.

You can pick up any of these items at reasonable prices from her home cum workshop. It’s a 20 minute drive on the Panchgani-Mahableshwar road, facing the Krishna Valley.

Contact person: Ms Walia
Mobile number: +9192327502

Saturday Night and Fine Art


Arpora is a village close to the North Goa beach belt, in India’s tourism-destination state. Very famous for its night market, “The Saturday Night Market”. Open during the tourist season, it is a colorful vast market. Consisting of people from around the world selling and showcasing their goods. Be it the musical mouth harps or mouthwatering food, you can find it all here.

It’s a 10 minute drive from the Maia Heritage House towards Arpora, pass Nagoa village.

Goa has a number of excellent fine artists. Visit the Art Chamber, Calangute during working hours and contact Yolanda De Sousa, Artist and Women’s Football World cup Champion.

It’s a 10 minute drive from Maia, next to St. Alex’s Church, Calangute.

Mobile number: +91 9822160073
Email id:

The Art Chamber also stocks fine works of other artists like Nirupa Naik.
Nirupa can be contacted on +91 9881775198

Rajendra Usapkar another fine artist works from Mapusa.
He can be contacted on
His contact number is +91 9833901414

Two other art galleries worth a visit are Gallery Gitanjali in Panaji, their email id is

Shaista Thapar’s collection in Margao. You can contact Shaista on +91 9823057061.

For walking tours in Panaji, contact Jack Ajit Sukhija at +91 9823025748 or
Anthony Gaskell at +91 8605626644.
The tours are conducted by the Goa Heritage Action Group.